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18.03.2018 16:11

A Baby activity gym is also known as a baby activity mat. This helps explain exactly what it is. Usually, a baby's activity gym is a mat lying flat on the floor. Your baby lies on his back and has a variety of toys around him. or hanging over it or placing it around it. Some toys are removable while others are not.


A baby activity gym is applied as a tool to stimulate your child's senses. All the time, helping to teach your baby to turn around on his stomach. Therefore, the mat can also be used for upside-down time.


How To Select The Best Baby Activity Gym


Before you buy a baby gym, there are specific factors to consider. Here we will tell you what to look for when selecting an activity mat for your baby.



The wide range of toy placement


You do not want an activity gym for babies that only has toys directly above your baby's face. He wants them positioned in different places so that his baby rolls to the side and moves his head.


• Something more than a lighted toy directly on the baby's face.

• Toys should be on the baby's side and around.

• The baby can get a flat head by looking only straight up.


Having a wide range of toy placement is one of the most important factors. The baby activity mat is designed to encourage movement; The placement of the toy will help this.


A gym separating mat


The best activity gyms for babies will have a movable mat. Either utterly separate from the activity gym or detachable

  • Make the gym mat easier to clean or wash.
  • This way, the mat can have a variety of other uses, including upside down time and even face-to-face time with mom.

If the mat is separated from the actual activity gym, your baby will get as much use as possible.



The mat needs to be flat


You might think that all baby activity gyms have a flat mat that is soft and cozy for a toddler. You're wrong. Some activity gyms for babies are technically pillows or wedges. This type of mats is used merely to hold your baby.


The goal of an activity gym is that your baby can develop sensory movement and abilities. If they are positioned by a device and cannot move, this thwarts the real purpose.


Visually appealing


Babies are colorblind when they are born and can only see objects up close. However, baby mats are ideal for babies to improve their skills until they get to crawl. When they crawl, you can put them on the mat, and they will be off and roaming in a few minutes. Therefore, as your baby wears the play mat, it must be visually appealing to your baby so it will attract your attention. That promotes movement and aid in development.

  • All babies love mirrors. They like to look at themselves or think they see another baby.
  • Many activity gyms include lights that easily attract baby's attention. Make sure they don't have dancing lights directly on top of them, or they won't look away.

If your baby sees something he likes, he will look for it once mobile. This can help the baby to turn his or her stomach or side when promoting movement.


Portability is necessary


Fortunately, many baby activity gyms are foldable. When not in use, just fold and glide. In addition to easy storage, standard baby activity gyms are highly portable. That is great for a variety of reasons.

  • Allows the mother to do the work in each room while taking the mat and the baby along with it.
  • You can quickly place it in the car and take the activity gym to another destination.

Moms and dads are always on the move, especially when they have a new baby to brag about. Now, mom can leave the baby for a moment while she bends her clothes.


Other considerations


There are other factors to think in addition to those that have been thoroughly described.

  • Price is always a factor. Set a budget before you buy so you can discard certain items.
  • We mention that the activity gym should be attractive to your baby, but also to you. Make sure the color suits your tastes and is appropriate for your child.
  • A padded mat is always the best. Toddlers who still don't crawl use more activity gyms. You don't want the activity mat to be uncomfortable and awkward.
  • Safety is always a problem. Make sure the activity gym is not toxic and not harmful to your child.

All of these factors should be thought before you buy a baby gym. Although, it is a fact that all babies are unique and special. Your baby may have specific needs that need to be taken into account.


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